Holistic youth development.

To transform communities through sport, education and delivering effective mentorship to young people from underprivileged backgrounds.

Empower young people so they are employable, academically achieving, healthy and socially connected.

Create empowered, self-reliant youth who initiate and participate in socio-economic development both of self and others in similar socio-economic conditions.

Give young people the opportunity to succeed and to fail, generating leaders through experience. We believe young people have a leadership role. We value their role as tomorrows leaders hence we strive to give them a voice and platform.


The Beast Foundation assists young people in forging their future by helping them access sports training, skills development and education opportunities.

Inspire: Inspire young people to realize their potential and take their place as future leaders

Unite: Use sport to bring people together to address social and educational issues

Build: Build relationships and communities through sport and education



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