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The Beast Foundation assists young people in forging their future by giving them access to sports training, skills development and education opportunities.


The values of team sports have always been about the pleasure of participating; the courage and skill that the game demands; the passion for a sport that enriches the lives of all involved; and the lifelong friendships forged through a shared interest in the game. The Beast Foundation wants to support children from underprivileged backgrounds by teaching and coaching them, and providing them with the education and other skills they need to succeed. This will be achieved by The Beast Foundation Annual Bootcamps for both Rugby and Basketball.

Young players complete integrated learning bootcamps to improve their leadership and life skills, sports skills, attitudes and behaviours in a safe and structured way. Being part of a team provides disadvantaged children with access to an expanded support network and gives them an opportunity to carry their learnings back to their communities, get scouted on national and international levels, become future coaches and expand themselves in various careers.


Loyalty, leadership, teamwork, dedication and perseverance are all skills learned on the sports field that can help a child become a functional adult. Thus, The Beast Foundation seeks to give children access to educational platforms, aiding them in their growth and development..

One of the primary obstacles to youth progressing is having the financial resources to continue with a higher education. The Beast Foundation, through partnering with higher education institutions and corporations, provides educational scholarships, links beneficiaries to bursary opportunities and facilitates exchange programmes with international institutions.

Reddam House Scholarship partnership

The Beast Foundation, In Partnership With Inspired Education Group, Offers The Youth An Exciting Opportunity To Be Awarded A High School Scholarship To The World-Renowned, Reddam House.

Our Beneficiaries

Reddam House Beneficiary

Reddam House Beneficiary

Reddam House Beneficiary

ETA College Beneficiary.

ETA College Beneficiary.


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