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The Beast Foundation handed over blankets and food vouchers at Inanda, Kwa-Zulu Natal, on the back of the recent KZN floods that wreaked havoc across parts of the province and left many people vulnerable.

One month later, the community members of the Inanda township are still piecing together their lives after the floods caused extensive loss of life and damage to property and infrastructure in the KZN. This has led to many people being jobless, hopeless and lacking the necessary resources to provide for their families. The foundation through its partners contributed blankets and food to more than 100 people in the community in light of the cold season and further added food vouchers to ensure the residents can provide for their families.

The Managing Director of The Beast Foundations, Yase Godlo said, “We hope that everyone gets involved in this initiative, the cold of winter will be even more devastating to these families and we will continue our work to help as many people as possible. We have the vision to build Africa and we all need to get involved when her people need help, as an organisation that is centred on lifestyle development, we must also unite and address social issues holistically.”

A father of three said, “It’s really hard to see your family being cared for by someone else, but this teaches us that together we can do more, thanks to all parties involved.”.